FASHION: Min. 35 posts (asap) on scarves, shawls and other headgear needed

FASHION: Min. 35 posts (asap) on scarves, shawls and other headgear needed


Job Description

THIS IS A REPOSTING!!! my previous posting didn't bring forward the candidates, who had that 'feel for fashion' in them - or nor enough to persuade me to employ any of them. But you get a chance now - enthusiasm about fashion, great writing style and ability to deliver are the things I am looking for!

Fashion writer with SEO experience needed to write 35 posts about different scarves, shawls etc. for my blog/online shop - 200-max. 350 words each. However, your passion for fashion is the most important.

Key words will be provided ('crochet scarf', 'head wraps', 'silk scarves' - just to mention the first three...) - very important that you use the exact key keyword! So for example not replacing 'scarf' with 'scarves' etc....

I could also imagine longer posts/articles on scarf/shawl/headgear-related issues and history/background: Pashmina; Muslim headgear; Chiffon; Wool; Cashmere; Silk for example - so, articles related to the subject of scarves and shawls, but not pointing at specific items - more like history, background etc that might need some research (or show your incredible knowledge in this particular field!)

There will also be keywords appearing in relation to Muslim women's headgear. How many - I still do not know, but if you are a good writer, I'll let you get those too - which also means that if you are a Muslim fashionista, your inside-knowledge will be much appreciated.

The posts will be directly pointing to items in my store, so you will find the shop descriptions and illustrations there already. Use those for your inspiration - Then it is up to you to write an appetizer post. We will discuss the SEO optimization in details once you are employed

I'll pay $1 per post. Non-negotiable. Expecting min. five posts/week, but the sooner, the better. Expect to pay you milestone at the middle of the period.

Needless to say, but:
The text has to be original//
no copying from item description text inside store//
easy to read//

I like posts that are interesting and easy to read. No long and fancy words or sentences. However, I would appreciate if you have a distinguished writing-style of your own.

You will write, based on the illustrations/store descriptions of the items. However, as I don't want copyright problems with illustrations, I want no dependency on specific illustrations in order to understand your text. Your text should be readable and imaginative - also without a photo to show (until the reader has clicked her way to the item description inside the store).

NOW - it is up to you to impress meI Send me a post you have already written about something similar within fashion - show your best side!

Please reduce your cover letter to a minimum! I don't want links for me to search, what you have written - they are fine as reference, but, no! I want the real stuff from you in an attachment to your application!

Please start your application by writing the word 'PASHMINA' at the top.


Jesper Frovin Jensen

(What is written in small print:
You can have your name appearing next to the post if you choose to, but by accepting the contract, you will also accept that all copyright of your text as such will transfer to me and that you cannot sell the same text to other clients later on....)