FAST and Creative Software Project Manager Needed


Job Description

I am looking for a Project Manager for a variety of software projects. In a nutshell, your job will consist of:

a) Understanding what I need done software-wise.
b) Breaking down the project into manageable chunks.
c) Finding programmers on sites like Elance, oDesk, etc. to do the jobs
d) Checking their work and going back and forth with them, without my involvement, in order to get the projects done -- because you understand what I want from (a)
e) Delivering the completed project to me
f) Working with the same programmers, or different ones, in order to do maintenance, bug fixes, software upgrades, etc. on the projects.

One of the most important aspects of this job is that you can get things done FAST. I think that a lot of websites out there that people take months building could actually be built in a week.

These projects will involve a high number of different programming technologies. This means that you will need to find multiple different programmers to work under you, because it is unlikely to find one programmer who has all of these skills. You will need to evaluate them and get them to work together when needed. Here are some examples of technologies required:

- JavaScript
- Ruby
- PostgreSQL
- Windows application development in C++
- Windows application development in C#
- Flash
- Adobe AIR
- Linux Server Administration
- Chrome Browser Extensions
- Firefox Browser Extensions
- IE Browser Extensions
- Safari Browser Extensions
- Mac OS X Desktop Application Development
- iOS Development
- Android Development
- Modern UI / UX Design and Implementation

You will be managing multiple projects, sometimes up to 5-10 at a time. The main thrust of your work will be finding the right people to work under you at the right price, and then guiding them. If they are doing a good job, your workload will be closer to 10 hours per week. That is the goal. During the time when we are finding all the right programmers to work under you, it could be more.

If this works out well, this will be a long term position.

In your response, please do not send me a form letter. If you do, I will not consider your application. Instead, please write me a thoughtful letter that explains what you see as the challenges of the job I am describing, and specifically why you believe that you are suited to solve each of these challenges. The most important factors to me are:

1) Your specific experience with a job position exactly like the one I am describing.
2) Your familiarity with all of the technologies I am describing above.
3) The quality of the software projects you have managed in the past.
4) Your ability to hire and manage a team to work under you.