Facebook Image Downloading

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.
Fixed Price
Deliver by - April 3, 2014


You will log into a facebook account and/or linkedin account and download a good picture of each person's face who is a friend/contact. You will then save it in a folder and rename it according to a spreadsheet.

You will be paid $0.01 per picture, and there are 1500-2000 pictures.

This is a long term job.

**QUESTIONS, copy and paste in your application, and do not put any other text above your answers to these questions**

Do you have experience working in the oDesk site before as a manager?
Do you have a Skpe profile? I only use skpe for communication
Do you have a Google Docs account? Have you used it before?
Do you have Dropbox installed?
Do you have OneNote installed?
Do you have perfect spelling and grammar?
How much will you be paid and for what (see above for answer)?
What are your hours on weekdays and weekends? What is your GMT?
Do you have any ways to download images automatically? If so, describe.

What questions do you have about this job?