Facebook Post Writer

Facebook Post Writer


Job Description

I am looking for someone with a lot of experience writing about web design, social media, SEO, etc.

This position will require you to post 3 blurbs on Facebook daily about topics related to the above. You will be able to write a lot of these blurbs in advance and schedule them to be posted later on. It can be advice, it can be news, or it can be anything else related to the topics or the internet in general. More details to be provided.

Your English must be PERFECT. If you have written any articles about the aforementioned topics OR even better if you have ever managed a related Facebook or Twitter account then show me samples. Start your cover letter with the city that you were born in so that I know that you read this description.

Any cover letter that is not specific to this job will be marked as spam. I am not looking for a long cover letter - but I am looking for one that will display that you understand what needs to be done. I would like to see 1 example of a Facebook post that you would make and that is related to the topics in your application - make it short but good.

Skills: facebook, design, english, twitter

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