Facebook ads expert needed for writing 4 ad copies

Facebook ads expert needed for writing 4 ad copies


Job Description

Job Description:
I need an expert to help me write 4 ads copies for this product;


The skills that I need from you are listed below.
1. You must have a lot of experiences with facebook ads and can help me get the best CTR possible with you ads copies.
2. You must be familiar with facebook ads rules. I need copies that will be approved by them.
As you may know, each copy will have headline and description that 25 characters and 90 characters long.
Please provide some of you past works or portfolio with Facebook ads.
And in order to weed out people who don't read this job instruction carefully, I want you to start your cover letter with answer of this question, what is your favorite movie?

If you are Expert I will Join with you Forever
Feel free to apply. I'm looking forward to work with you.


Skills: facebook