Fashion and Beauty Bloggers!!


Job Description

We are inviting beauty bloggers that have some social presence (you must have a Google+ account or you must create one as part of your application). We want a few bloggers to make a guest post on our beauty blog and then we will most likely hire a couple for a longer term. The post can be on anything related to beauty - ie. hair, nails, spa/facials/etc, tanning, fashion... pretty much anything you can think of as long as it's related to beauty - and it should be 450+ words.

In your application, include a sample of a published article that you have written and that is related to beauty AND start your application with a link to your Google+ profile. If you don't include a link or at least a reason why you didn't include it, then your application will be marked as spam (recycled cover letter). Also, you should mention how much you would charge for an article like that - fixed price is preferred.

Thank you!

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