File content to mySQL Database converter script....

File content to mySQL Database converter script....


Job Description

We need a script that will recide in the client browser cache or alike, and be set so that each time the browser loads a certain URL, or logs into a certain system, the script check a user defined file in a user set path on the client computer.

If this file has been updated since last time it was checked, the script will ask user if he wants to update the database on a server from the content of the file. If user click yes, the script will load the file, and determine the way data has been stored in the file, like if it is a comma separated, excell file, or any other type. The file is always a Db dump in different and unpredictable formats.

The user can then (via a grid on a website created by other developer), set what units in the file should go to what tables in the Db. Then user can import the data, and the script create SQL commands to fill the database on a remote server. User can save settings.

If there is an ready-made script that does this or is similar to this somewhere, it's best with a modification or adaption of it to the above description. Creation from scratch is also interesting. We prefere javascript.

Skills: import, data-conversion