Financial Website NEEDS content/Blogs etc

Financial Website NEEDS content/Blogs etc


Job Description

Writers can often get lost in their own fantasies...(oooops!!!) however, we need a sensible person to assist us in preparing the Blogs, content , presentation and designs of the new Business orientated website that we are about to launch.

we need a dedicated sincere and genuine person, capable of identifying our audiences in the sme's and to identify with their struggles in developing and / or maintaining their business ... and even to sell their business via the global window that we have developed in our website.

We also want to appeal to INVESTORS via the alternative "angels" link that we have in our website as this again is designed, overall, to appeal to persons engaged in the business spectrum.

WE ARE NOT interested in over-the-top HOURLY rates, as this is a long term association that we are seeking to develop and we will offer BONUSES for the rewards for excellence and dedication, loyalty, TRUST and initiative (that many people lack due to the "Show Me the Money" attitude that is implied by their applications to many jobs across the net!) ...

We are seeking a long term association to advance our business dealings, together!!!

Thank you.