Find Businesses to contact

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Ok, here are the project details:

Your job is to find businesses in the directories of the following websites that would make good feature businesses on sites like,, and other daily deal sites. Businesses that make good deal features on these sites are those that can provide a service, such as teeth whitening, yoga classes, gym passes, carpet cleaning, restaurants, frozen yogurt stands, etc. Please visit the sites I just listed to see what kind of businesses are featured. Once you have found these businesses, you must compile their email addresses into a list with the company name. If the business has no email address listed, move onto the next business. After you have compiled a long list of businesses with emails, you must then login to to search each business to make sure that it is not already listed in our database. If it is listed, I can not use it and you must delete it from the list. I will provide you with the training on how to search the database once you have sent me a list of businesses with emails.

Here is the list of websites where you will find the businesses:

Skills:, training