Find and Download Files?

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need someone who can find and download files for me. These will mostly be images, software, video or ebooks/magazines.

This job does not require great English but you must be a beast at finding and downloading what I need fast and accurately without any supervision.

You will be paid $1.00 for every 30 files you download

Please answer the following questions:

Do you have Dropbox installed on your computer?
Do you have a Gmail email account? Do you use Google Docs?
Do you have a Skpe profile? (I only use Skpe, no Gchat)
Can you complete any download in 12-24 hours?
Can you download youtube and other flash videos?
Are you good at finding "hard to find" files using Google?

What days of the week are you available? What hours? Can you start immediately?
What is your internet download and upload speed? Ex. Download/Upload = 1.5 Mb/0.4Mb.

How will you complete this job?
How long will it take you to complete this job?


I do not do interviews. I will hire you based off what you write.
I like people who are smart and think of creative solutions. If you have suggestions let me know in your application
I like people who can figure things out on their own and will not need to ask me lots of clarifyings questions or waste my time.