Find free stock photos appropriate to assigned list of holidays/observation dates, embed message into photos and send all to me in jpg format

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Job Description

I have daily Facebook posts for my company, Center for Inspiring Greatness!, LLC. I have a list of holiday and observation/celebratory event dates for 2013. I need someone to: 1. Find free stock photos/images (or use your own -with proper picture credit, of course) matching the intended holiday/subject observed message for the day and embed messages into the body of the pictures (using photoshop or software of choice) and send them to me in jpg format. I have a VA to configure on our site and schedule posting dates. 2. There are between 90 and 150 events depending on assignment 3. I have list of dates and observations/holidays (no need to research and find events -- just pictures and embed observation/holiday message into picture as a jpg) 4. For each picture tied to a holiday/observation, you need to simply add a "Happy...(insert holiday here) Day" or if it is a funny type of observance like... Return of the Slugs Day or Tattoo Day, you can just embed this in the picture. If the observance is more of a somber or serious nature, you could add a word like "honor", "honoring","remembering", etc... 5. When sending me the JPG files, please ensure each file/picture clearly denotes the month,day and holiday description. This task requires Research.


Skills: facebook, research