Find specific job openings in france

Find specific job openings in france


Job Description

We need someone who is fluent in french (and hopefully well connected) to source REAL offline job postings for us in France. We have a few specific job titles in english which you need to translate into french so that you could effectively search for similar job postings in France.

Its preferred, though not required, that you write emails to the contacts for these job openings or even phone them if possible. If you are willing to do this, you will receive a $500 commission for each job offer you land. Its no problem to land 1-3 jobs per week. Remember we are doing all the work, you are just the recruiter/email/phone messenger since we aren't fluent in French.

In your application, please explain:

1. How you plan on finding these job openings.

2. If you are willing to do the emailing and phone meetings as well.

Skills: english