Finish up and Proofread an MBA Health Paper - Want in 8 hours

Finish up and Proofread an MBA Health Paper - Want in 8 hours


Job Description

I got an MBA paper needing finished. Need an academic writer specialist with alot of experience to finish the paper attached.

Details of the paper:

Act as an consultant and you are writing to the client your findings for the company. Develop a written recommendation for your client that holistically addresses the problem or business need by doing the following:

1. Explain the problem or business need that your recommendation will seek to solve.

2. Analyze three different functional areas (e.g., leadership, human resources, eBusiness, marketing, economics) that might be contributing to the issue.

a. Recommend a solution that includes the three functional areas.

b. Recommend implementation resources for your recommended solution.

i. Create a timeline for the solution implementation.

c. Analyze the long-term financial and organizational impact of the recommendation.


It is the Turnover in the IT department called Shared Services that employees over 3000 employees that support the IT/IS for all the hospitals they own. They own now 135 Hospitals but buying another company after first of year that has 81 hospitals and 36 clinics which will compound an already high turn over rate at Corporate. The causes are and not limited to low pay in regards to industry, Not flexible or with times in schedules ( They want all employees M-f), They insist on formal dress when industry is casual dress, training is inadequate, Sense of poor organization at times. The Company is CHS which started very small and has grown into the second largest health care company behind HCA ( Hospital Corporation of America). The fast growth contributes to the sense of disorganization and the company not wanting to catch up to current times. There is frustration of company doing so well to buy another huge company but not adjusting pay or conditions. Company is a good company that has lost employees top of their IT fields due to the above issues. They are a caring coming but just won't change.