Finishing touches to my site


Job Description

I need the following finishing touches to my website, All of the designs should be cross browser compatible:

1). The top header should fit the width of the wrapper in all browsers (currently just working in firefox)

2). The 8 mid page image buttons ('Food & Drink', 'Travel' etc) need to have rounded borders on all browsers

3). The top of the images on the 8 mid page image buttons ('Food & Drink', 'Travel' etc) should have a curve that looks similar to the bottom of the top header. Ideally this should be done through CSS.

4). The implementation of CSS code which avoids the need to specify the width of the offer div on pages such as
The offer div will show correctly next to images, no matter what the size of the image.
Please note, that I do not want to have to keep specifying the width in the html code.

I reiterate that all of the above should work across all main browsers - IE, firefox, Chrome, for the majority of versions.

I need somebody that implements minimal, clean CSS code, which gets the desired results quickly.

I look forward to working with the right candidate.

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