Firefox add-on to detect when information about a link is available in a MediaWiki


Job Description

Site A is a Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) that has information about site B. We want a Firefox add-on that will check the URL and/or content of links to site B, and indicate to the user when site A has information about the link. The semantic connection between site A and site B is one ID number that will appear on both sites.

The URL format for site B is varied, but the ID number will always exist in the URL for links to site B. For robustness in case of ambiguity, the add-on could search the page content for strings that match the candidates for the ID in the URL (very simple web scraping).

The Web of Trust extension is similar to what we envision for the final product of this job:

The extension must not use Java, and must not have its code obfuscated or minified unless a plain version is also produced. We must have full rights to the code, except for parts that are already open source. We may choose to release the source code under an open source license. We insist that your code is thoroughly commented. For the future, we may want new versions of this add-on created for Google Chrome or other web browsers. We will eventually want the features expanded to display additional information.