Fix android SMS and tablet screen size

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Job Description

we have an android webpapp that just displays a webview. in the webview there are some quotes.

we have 2 small problems:

a. there is abutton to share it on sms. but it is not working.

b. it can be used in tablet. but instead of adapting to the page (it's a webpage that automatically adapts to the screen size).... when i open it instead of automatically adapting, it is making it zoom (...let me explain, inside the webview there is an admob advertisement of 320px x 40px,,,when seen in the tablet, it makes this 320px x 40px zoom, until it is seen border to border) the tablet is seen zoomed and pixelated instead of a natural fit.

c. the app is not visible in the play store for tablets. it needs to be seen in all devices.

this is simple for an expert.

must apply to work today and hand it asap.

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