Fix tree view and implement right click menu

Fix tree view and implement right click menu


Job Description

Microsoft .NET/Silverlight programmer required to enhance existing application.

This task must be 100% completed within 72 hours of accepting the Job. There will be no extensions.

Daily updates via Skype are required at an agreed time.

The original developer is available during the job for questions.

We will only accept winning bids who are prepared to use Skype to discuss project and demonstrate functionality.

See attachment for detailed design. Brief design notes are included here.

There is a working prototype available for review and discussion at...


a. Brief design document outlining changes
b. Well written and documented code
c. Check-out and check-in changes from
d. Daily updates via Skype.

Task 1:

Remove lowest level from tree view under ‘Research Planning’. The tree view is currently showing all the nodes of an object hierarchy. This should be changed to only show three levels.

Task 2:

Right click on tree view opens shortcut menu. A right click in the menu area (see Figure 3) should popup a context sensitive menu that has a number of functions.

The popup menu should only enable those item that are in context. For example, if ‘Act’ is highlighted the only items enabled on the popup menu should be ‘Rename’, ‘Delete’ and ‘New Act’.
Rename should be enabled when any node is highlighted.
Delete should only be enabled if the node highlighted is not the first of its type under a top level node. i.e. disable delete if the first act, chapter, scene or section in the book is highlighted, disable delete if the first ‘Note’ is highlighted.

New Act
New Chapter
New Scene
New Section
New Character
New Event
New Conflict
New Location
New Node
New Idea

Task 3

Restrict movement of tree nodes.
Tree nodes should be restricted in where they can be dragged to. In the book section the following structure should be maintained in the Book Section.
Front Matter
Act -> Chapter -> Scene
Back Matter
So, you can change the order of scenes under a chapter or drag a scene to another chapter but not to an Act; Chapters can only be dragged under Acts, etc.
In the ‘Research Planning’ section only leaf nodes can be moved underneath their parent. For example, you can change the order of notes but not move a note from under the ‘Notes’ section.

Skills: .net

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