Fixed layout Kindle and ePub

Fixed layout Kindle and ePub


Job Description

I'm in need of someone to help me put together a fixed layout Kindle ebook and ePub (for Apple). You can bid for one or both.

The book isn't very long, maybe 35 pages, all of them images. I will do the needed image work if you'll provide the sizes and restrictions. All I need is the book put together for submission to Kindle Direct Publishing and Apple. The target devices are Kindle Fire and the iPad.

The more knowledge you can teach me on this process, the better. I'd really like to start doing these myself, so if there's the possibility of you sending a template and a brief explanation of how to use it, I may be interested in that as well.

I will also need you to let me know the best way to edit these books, that way I can make small tweaks later (as this is for a client of mine that likes to make small tweaks). I'm not great at writing HTML from scratch, but I am good at understanding it and modifying it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a huge budget. I can spend maybe $50 on both.

Let me know how you can help me, what it will cost, and if you have any questions. Thanks.

Skills: kindle

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