Flowplayer v5.4.3 Script

Flowplayer v5.4.3 Script


Job Description

I need to have an implementation of flowplayer with the following requirements.

* it will need to initialize the player by calling a function.
I will pass in a element id, which will be a div.in which flowplayer needs to be created.
I will also pass in an object with the available formats for the video, this is NOT a playlist, just different available formats (e.g. webm and mp4), we will also want to optionally pass in for EACH format a HD and SD video, so the user can toggle.
We will also pass in an url of an poster image, which needs to be shown

* Before playing the actual clip, it needs to play a preroll clip, which needs to be configured, it can be multiple formats of the same click, so that no matter which brower it will play correctly
Preroll cannot be skipped and you should not be able to skip ahead in order to not see the preclip

* the player needs to be setup as adaptive

* the option to pass in a caption file url

* Please put this id in your bid to prove you read all this #24211-dd0822013

* the player needs to work on android, ios, pc's and mac's, the flowplayer does already most of the work.

* It needs to be able to play from a rtmp source if html5 is not supported (in other words flash fallback).

* I need to be able to set a properly for live events so it will do streaming, we use amazon adobe media servers and support HLS and rtmp

* the code needs to be neat and organized, it needs to be written like an class, not like standalone js code!!!!

* we need the embed functionality disabled.

* I am willing to put up a milestone but require all items above to be completed before releasing.

* Please provide samples of work done, that is relevant to your html AND javascript skills.
please DO NOT provide a random list of websites just showing me your whole portfolio. I WILL ignore you.