Food App / Restaurant app - iphone/ipad

Food App / Restaurant app - iphone/ipad


Job Description

free tool to measure statistics of the app. google analytics please.
- animations to each of the screens such as the app just wink.
-the app would feed pictures from instagram account as the owner of the app, creates once a restaurant in the admin panel of this app..but she will only feed the images through instagram.-universal app (iphone/ipad)... with images for each retina device (optimal resolution for each screen)>
-horizontal/vertical screen rotation.

a. food pictures
b. favorite pictures (liked pictures from section a. by the user)
c. restaurant guide organized by categories.
d. restaurant guide, by geolocalization. (iphone/ipad will open localization, and would open the map and show which restaurants are close..user must be able to see all category restaurants,,,and also, must be able to filter results by category.
e. favorite of the week section.

will have 1 admin section: where admin, is able to feed the app, with restaurants, photos, localization, description, would have a hidden button in the main screen so owner of the app can press it.

-the first time the app is lauched we would have to ad the information manually to server so the app has information on it (you explain us how to do it,,i asume are mysql databases..but i am not ane expert)......then later, user by the admin panel inside the app would be able to feed the app.

-from that on, the owner of the app, must be able to ad the restaurants and things from the app (only the owner, users are not able to do so).


1. MAIN MENU: there will be 5 categories. (1 background, and 5 buttons). When opening the app, the buttons must appear with animation as the app: justwink (please dowload it to see what we want). here i mean, that each button will appear animation until it is placed in the right location.

2.Pictures/FOTOS: (check screenshot 3a Fotos.jpg). they would come from an existing account from instagram. they come in same order than in instagram. in that screen.
-Here person, can click heart to save it to favorites. can comment. and will see the number of people that have commented and like.
-if person click the picture, it would bring: big picture(3b fotos detail. jpg), summary of comments, favorites, and be able also to favorite or comment.,
he would see in that screen the name of the restaurant, the description of the picture that commes from instagram.
-there he would have the option to continue looking to the pictures in big screen with the arrow.
-In that screen there is a button in the footer of 3 dots. thats for sharing picture in social networks. in each social network, it should share the name of the app , the picture, and the link to dowload the app, plus the restaurant.

3. Restaurant guide organized by categories:
-Image 1a restaurante (as the layout of the app). There appear a list of restaurant categories. user will select which category to look.
-image 1b restaurantes (as the layout of the app). there will be a list with restaurants. Each restaurant will have this information: logo, name, address, telephone, opening times, webpage (if user press button details will see more). (in a hidden field, owner of the app, must create a hashtag for this restaurant,,so later can get images from instagram from that restaurant).
-Image 1c restaurantes (as the layout of the app).: here are more details of this restaurant.. :. here user can be able to rate restaurant. and be able to see all pictures of that restaurant….from newer to older.. …here IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT APP GETS/ INFORMATION FROM INSTAGRAM FEED ACCOUNT…FROM A HASHTAG THAT OWNER OF THE APP PUTS IN EACH PICTURE IN INSTAGRAM,AND THEN THE APP CONNECTS TO IT..
-each image will have the logo of the main type of category restaurant (each restaurant can have up to 3 categories), but in this screen, will bring the 1st category logo.
-Each image will have a heart - so if user press its, it appears in other menu (favorites)…
-Each image, will display the number of people that have put that as favorites/likes.
-Each image, will let user comment, and the app put summary of number of comments from other app users.

-IMPORTANT 2: the first time the owner of the app creates a new restaurant (she will be creating new restaurants every day), the app should get from her mobile the GEOLOCALIZATION of that restaurant when she creates the name of it…..also there should be the way to create several locatins for 1 some of the restaurants are food chains.

4. Geolocalization: / map (4 geolocalizacion)
-First app will open map where the app user is (geolocalization of the device). i
- App will show near him the restaurants . and would be able to link and search by category.

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