Forex & Betfair API Trading Software Required.

Forex & Betfair API Trading Software Required.


Job Description

Trading Software Required:

The criteria basically will need to be set like this : say the forecast of the software is one market (share etc) is forcast to rise or drop by say 10 for example, then the software will have parameters for me to set which can be set at say 0-100%, so if I set it at 10% when the market has gone up or down (depending on what it predicted) it will stop when only 1 is achieved because I set this at 10% that is been extra safe which is what I am after, but the ability to change this should still be there incase I wish to alter somedays.

More features for the software include:
[6:35:04 PM] Jason Parr: RSI - determine short term price extremes and trade the reversal
Moving Average – stay in the trend by staying in the trade
News - take advantage of news and economic releases that affect markets sharply
Breakout – open a trade when pre-determined support or resistance levels break
Hedge robot – open two separate but opposite trades on correlated assets
Scalper robot – actively trade short term price movements. Aim to make small profits, but lots of them!

Betfair Software Required:

Bot places Lay or Back bets depending on which is a more suited bet for the horses on each individual race.
Bot places lay/back bets depending on whether the criteria set has been met, if it has not that race should be missed and straight onto the next in line.
Bot will place bets on every horse for that race to green up for a small but guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome.
Bot will be able to decide if its best to place bets before race has started or/and inplay.
SMA (simple moving average) function to be used in conjunction with bot for calculating up/down movement of bets beforehand.
Average target of 2% gain on each race but 0.5% calculated profit per race is OK.
Arbitrage between book makers like betdaq and betfair plus more to lay odds on one site and back on another potentially given odds could be different and easier to green up over 2 plus book makers.
in one version ? so the steamer part look towards the climbers and driters and then bets in the back2lay and vis versa part based on which it thinks will climb and drift?

*Staking plan for inplay and beforehand betting back retirement is a well known safe plan, any ideas on how to improve this plan or add more features?
*Fibonacci is another good plan but more risky, any ways to incorporate these plans but make less risky would be good.
*Maybe a function of comparing odd’s with another live data feed on horses for a given race type say UK horse racing Win only, these odds are compared with another website and betfair to judge movement or/and best odds given.

*Include possibly.

Analyse the horse race prices (odds) 10 mins before race starts, if the similar moving average (SMA) calculates that is has a positive gradient over a pre-defined time duration we will lay then back the horse when possible, if it is a negative gradient it should back and lay or try to.

If there is no gradient detected or a worth while gradient making it too risky to bet it will skip to the next race and start calculating that one.

Plus after a pre-defined profit target is met it will move onto the next race in line also.

If a pre-defined profit is not reached when start of race comes along, (or a number of set minutes before) then the bot will look to green up the whole market.

If worst case situation where it cannot green up at all then it will try to trade off at the best possible price lowering loss for that one race and not risk bet on actual race.

Set the total matched amount as a parameter for filtering out low liquidity races.

Horses with very high odds can also be filtered out to avoid a wasted bet if need be, but best case is able to green up on all.
On betsender, I actually turned £200.00 deposit into £2,399.60 in the duration of only 2 days, using back fibonacci staking plan on betsender on the UK horse racing place and win market, but im guessing this was down to luck over them days as it hit the max multiplier and dwindled down to only £111.27! I noticed the recovery process had hit £170.00 per bet and kept betting this hoping to make it back!

If there is another was to use this plan with more safety features on auto I am also very interested, I do know the back retirement plan is very safe and could maybe be used in conjunction somehow? or/and with stop loss limits or reset after max multiplier etc?

Please make suggestions in your reply to how this can be adjusted and made into two lot's of top class software.