Forum Poster's.... Bangladeshi Contractors Only!!!!

Forum Poster's.... Bangladeshi Contractors Only!!!!


Job Description

We are looking for a Dedicated and Hardworking forum poster to work on a site of our's. Experience in Forum's is a must and don't just say you know forum posting. To prove that you genuinely know your work as a forum poster please attach a sample of your recent work with your cover letter. Please include "FoRuM" in you cover letter to indicate that you have read the job description and we could take you for consideration. we want forum post and no Signatures or any other related materials

Please !!!!! only Bangladeshi Contractor's apply... otherwise your application will be discarded... and please follow the instructions mentioned in the job instruction so that the genuine contractors can get the job. If the campaign is successful then we could have more contracts of similar kind.

Happy Bidding !!!!