Freelance Contractor Hiring & Contracts/Projects Manager

Freelance Contractor Hiring & Contracts/Projects Manager


Job Description

We outsource 5 to 10 tasks to Freelancers on ODesk at any time.
The outsourced contracts are for Financial Analysis, Business Modeling, Graphic Design, Legal Contracts to HR recruitment, copy writing, proofing, creative writing, video editing, data entry, CRM management, Business Services.

Each Contract requires several times a day feedback, assessment.

The Project Manager will work with various managers of our company and be responsible for timely and quality delivery of each project/ contract by freelancers.

More specifically, the job is :

- Place ads and postings on freelance sites/ odesk to look for contractors with details of tasks
- To understand and write detailed description of tasks.
- To find most suitable candidates at best rates,
- To manage and supervise delivery of contracts on hourly / daily basis.
- To communicate promptly and effectively in clear and simple language with company and contractors.
- To be timely and efficient and ensure contractors abide by schedule and quality of work.
- To manage and solve disputes of quality, time.
- To ensure high quality end result of each contract.

Payment: We will pay 15% of each contract value. Monthly income from these contracts for Manager can be Euro 100 to Euro 1000. We are ready to guarantee minimum Euro 150 if the Manager will prove ability and skills during 3 months of work.

Test period will be 5 contracts management.

After test period it can be long term engagement.

Primary language of communication is English. Some projects require translation and working with non-native English speakers.

We are looking for people with clear and precise language , good writing and communication skills, good offline and online project management skills.

Skills: analysis, design, video, management, test, english