Frontend Software Engineer


Job Description

Doba is seeking a Frontend Engineer who has a solid understanding of all phases in the software development lifecycle, as well as a good background in web development technologies; projects are centered on web development with direct impact to the customer experience via online products and services. This position has responsibility for the design, implementation, documentation, and maintenance for the user interfaces of Doba's software and technology systems. A successful developer at Doba will relish daily challenges and enjoy driving projects to success in an Agile Development environment. There are many projects with different focuses and requirements, and a successful candidate must be willing and able to move from one project to the next with minimal reservation. A successful candidate must have strong team skills and be willing to work in small project teams to accomplish assignments.

Develop and Maintain New and Existing Products in the Doba Product Portfolio. You've worked efficiently in large JavaScript codebases and know how to keep the code modular and loosely coupled. An ability to think full stack and move around the codebase as necessary to get the job done, including interfacing with API’s, will make you very valuable to the team.

* Web Application & User Interface Development Experience
* HTML, CSS, Style Guide Web scripting
* Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, XML
* 2-6 Years of Relevant Work Experience (depending on role)
* Team Oriented
* Experience in an Iterative Development Environment
* Lead development efforts with other engineers on the team

* LAMP using PHP
* MVC experience
* BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Equivalent Discipline

Skills: design, agile, mvc, science, engineering