Full Time Infusionsoft Expert Project Manager


Job Description

We have immediate need to interview and hire a full time Infusionsoft expert with experience in web development, database management and project management. All extra skills please list as they will be considered in the hiring.

Our Project Manager is leaving in less then two weeks to start a new business. He has worked with us for several years. This is a full-time position for the correct type of person.

The following items are considered most important.

1. Availability: We are located in United States and we travel between Central Time, Pacific Time and Eastern Time. On occassion we also go to Hawaii as it's 11:23AM here now it would be 4 hours later in CST. TIme. Essentially here is what we need. We need you to be available from 8AM - 5PM Central Time. But we also need to be able to contact you for any reason of need. This means you need to have Skype availabe/enabled on your mobile phone. We also need to be able to TEXT you in case of "urgent" situations. Keep in mind you are working virtual so we don't have the luxury of calling you check up on you. We base your work on your results. You will need to show us that you are ready to work and can produce results.

2. Infusionsoft Expert/Manager: We run a big part of all our ecommerce using Infusionsoft. If you have never used Infusionsoft - PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS APPLICATION.

3. Webmaster/Manager: We need someone that handles our web projects. Some examples of web projects might be:
a. You set up infusionsoft opt-in forms for a single opt-in page
b. You integrate Infusion API with iContact
c. You set up autoresponder sequence based on content we give you
d. You set up quick web page with simple graphics based on layout example we show you.
e. You create Infusion-WP integration with membership site/ Wordpress blog site
f. You manage Wordpress Blog site

4. Project Manager: We need you to have experience managing a team of others that we hire. You would get the scope of the project needed and find the best candidates and manage the project.

5. Skype: We need to be able to talk with you IN ENGLISH on Skype. You will be required to send us updates on projects.

We usually run projects in Basecamp as it keeps things all in one place. However sometimes it's is easy to send you a quick email to get something accomplished. The main thing is showing your results and being accountable.

We are looking for someone that wants to GROW with us LONG TERM. We are not looking for a one-time job. We want someone that has strong family values. We want someone that is team player. If you don't work we don't expect you to bill us. You need to be trustworthy and have recommendations from previous work.

Our last PM had significant developer skill which helped us out a lot working on applications where he could create jquery or script or API.

We will do an interview with you on Skype. We are looking to hire as soon as we feel we have a good fit. You may be asked to perform simple tasks before full-time hire.


Thank you and may the best person we pray find this position.

Skills: infusionsoft, management, graphics, english