Full time SMM and VA - $1/hour - Superior resourcefulness and attention to detail - Only for 2 people

Full time SMM and VA - $1/hour - Superior resourcefulness and attention to detail - Only for 2 people


Job Description

We understand that this certainly will not work for anyone. We apologize in advance if this is the case and certainly don't mean to offend anyone. But there are people that can benefit and will benefit from this experience and work hours.

There is a sample task that you will have to submit in order to be considered because we are going to make our decision, largely on the efficiency that this small task is executed. This application is designed to weed out those that this opportunity is not for and it will be clear in your submission if you truly read everything so you may want to stop here if you aren't even in agreement with the headline. Thanks.

First of all, you'll need to work PST time (Pacific Standard Time - California)
from 9am - 5pm


We want to see if you have what it takes to be on the team...we are looking for bright and resourceful team members. You don't have to know everything but you have to be able to find answers on your own.  We are more than happy to answer any questions that you have but we won't be hiring people that need to ask a ton of questions at each step. That's what Google and YouTube tutorials are for.  

If its too complicated or if you don't understand what we want from you right now, then communication may never improve.

Being resourceful, following directions and paying attention to detail are the most important things that will get you this position.

I do not have a lot of resources but I do feel this could be an opportunity for someone that is in a particular position where they are seeking a job and experience and are in an area where this arrangement can make sense.

Anywhere from $.50 to one dollar an hour. Again this is only for select individuals where this arrangement could make sense...we're aware of this. We don't have a budget for more or else we would offer it.

Your first assignment will be to draft 5 social media posts that include images, with information either sourced from the company website or some other source for Coastlineautocare.com

From here you can only grow. If you can handle this assignment, then we could have you doing tasks like this and then you could grow and expand your role from there. Good luck. Please submit your first assignment in a Word Document.

Further details about what are necessary are below.

An ideal post should be have...
• A high resolution image, square as much as possible.
• Call to action text/engaging
• A link to the client's website
A good post consist of...
• Engaging post.
• Catchy high resolution images.
• Funny pics and quotes that is relevant to the client's business nature.
• Media like videos, pics, and blog/article post that are available on the client's website.
• Every post should have images in it.
• Try to shorten urls, you can either use bitly or owly of Hootsuite.
• Avoid post that depicts looking down on people, harsh or hostile message, images of violence, falling, or anything that will result to unnecessary or hostile reactions.

Task consists of web research, web scraping, image cropping/resizing and basic manipulation.

We are going to have a google spreadsheet of a month worth of posting for each client. On the worksheet you need to add in the social networks that needed posting like FB, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and etc.

1. Scrape text contents from the website and makeout a text article for posting out of it.
2. Find an image that would be relevant to the text article.
3. Insert a link from the client's website along with the post. Find a link that would be closely related to the post.
4. When sharing a video, create a catchy exclamation or reaction as the text article for the post.
5. Share blog articles by scraping 1 or 2 catchy sentences from the blog post or article content and then insert the link to the post.
6. Research on the web relevant news,funny pics,quotes and tips on the web and share this as a post.

Where to get potential posts
1. Look for relevant terms on the client's website.
2. Use this keyword and search the web. For example, "web marketing" for our Web Marketing Secrets.
Try wikipedia, there will be a lot of terms, links, or images in there that can be potential posts. Like tips, or other medical terms that we can define, then accompany the post with an image.
3. Through Hootsuite, choose the client's social network account, add streams, for example facebook then the client's account, there's a tab that says either Search query, or Keyword. Key in the keyword we are looking for and streams/posts that has that keyword will appear on a separate stream. This will give us an idea of what other people are posting using/or has that keyword.
4. News feed or Google News or other engines. Get the most recent or updated news about our keywords and share the link as a post.
Following and Adding relevant Friends Using Hootsuite.

Skills: facebook, twitter, youtube, research, linkedin, video, marketing

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