Full time article writer Needed [need 300+ articles per month]

Full time article writer Needed [need 300+ articles per month]


Job Description

Article Writing Team Required - 300 UNIQUE Highly Technical Articles required on each month.

We are looking to hire an article writing professional team for a long term to supply us this project and many more tasks to come.

This project is for the delivery of 300 UNIQUE Articles x 500w. per month.

You must print these out and study each document independently, and adhere to each article set VERY carefully as they each have different requirements. Please also print out and study this project description for your reference as well.

You must ensure that each article addresses the following points:

1) each article must be technically valid
2) You need to reference the facts that you present in each and every article as per deliverable number 5 in each article set.
3) each article needs to make technical and contextual sense overall
4) each article must have our targeted keywords placed properly within the article and it each article must make contextual sense
5) No filler text is allowed under any circumstances
6) each article must be reviewed by english professional/s and each sentence must be scrutinized both from a technical and contextual perspective
7) all titles need to be constructed specifically as per our instructions.
8) ALL other instructions under the "Deliverables for this project:" section, for each set, needs to be carefully adhered to.
You can do as many articles as you can per day. I will pay you $1.50 for per 500w. After completing this I need more 900 articles. So, it is an ongoing project. So only Bid if you can 10 articles per day and if you have an excellent team.

Skills: english