Full time secured job - $400/month + nice bonuses (nurses preferred)

Full time secured job - $400/month + nice bonuses (nurses preferred)


Job Description

Full time aggressive project/people manager
Please respond to requirements:

A pharmaceutical company from Florida is looking for full time customer service/support members. No called calling but some convincing abilities required.

-- Must have perfect English and English accent --

1. Can you work 7am to 5pm USA New York time?
2. Do you have a quiet working area at home? What is your internet speed?
3. What is your experience in customer service in English?
4. How good is your writing (find 2 paragraphs from RocaLabs.com and re-write better)
5. Provide a 1 minute sound clip of you speaking voice
6. DId you hire and fire before? tell us more
7. How agressive would you describe yourself?
8. DO you have experience in managing people?

Secured Job: starting at $2/hr and moving to $2.5/hr which will be about $450 a month + very nice bonuses of $50-100 a month.
Ridiculous bids are immediately rejected.
Immediate start

Skills: english

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