GERMAN and ENGLISH Speaking PA needed

GERMAN and ENGLISH Speaking PA needed


Job Description

We are looking for an new PA for our company.

You MUST have the following qualifications:

* Speak German & English fluent
* have an (online) marketing backround with experience
* must be really good with numbers and statistics - must love to do statistics and work with charts and numbers
* conversion improving knowledge for marketing campaigns
* independent / self initiated worker - must be able to find ways on your own.
we will give you a task and you will find the way to do it - we don t want to hear excuses why it is not done, we want to hear how it can be done - solutions are what counts, not excuses and reasons why the job didn t get done.
* thinking in solutions, not problems - you must find answers on your own by research and knowing where to find them - but we will provide you with all the resources possible

Looking forward to work with you - please DO NOT BID if you don t qualify for everything above. Please tell us in your application why you will be able to do this job and why we should work with you long term.

all standard applications "I can do the job" or similar will be declined. So please don t waste our and your time.

We are great team of very friendly people who are looking for new long term team member!

Skills: english, marketing, research

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