Job Description

We are an outsourcing company based in the Philippines. We are looking for a person or a company that can assist develop our business in key regions of interest. These regions include:

- Australia
- Europe
- Canada
- Middle East

The ideal candidate must have the following qualifications:

1. A RESIDENT of the area of interest (American living in the US, Australian living in Australia...) ;
2. MUST have available CONTACTS of companies that are interested in outsourcing to the Philippines;
3. Experienced in company presentation;
4. Experienced in sales and marketing;
5. Experienced in contract negotiations;
6. Proficient in written and spoken English;
7. Accessible via Skype, e-mail and mobile;
8. Flexible working hours;
9. Able to MEET deadlines and time-tables.

As the Business Development Manager you shall be tasked to do the following:

1. Qualify potential clients/accounts;
2. Schedule meetings with the qualified clients over Skype;
3. Procure data on company background, type of industry, operations for preparation of Business Plan;
4. Follow up on contracts and other required documents;
5. Assist in the negotiation process;
6. Represent our company in our dealings/transactions in your region.

We are looking to manage companies that want to outsource the following services:

1. Back Office : Accounting, Human Resources, IT
2. Customer Service - Inbound calling support, live chat, e-mail support, After-Sales support
3. Digital Marketing - Website design, Social Media Marketing, SEO Content creation, Lead Generation, E-mail Marketing and Post-Moderation services
4. Data Management services
5. Transcription - Legal, Business, Close Caption

PLEASE REVIEW THE JOB QUALIFICATIONS BEFORE RESPONDING TO THIS JOB POST. We are NOT looking for candidates with skills in Accounting, HR, Digital Marketing and Administrative work. We ARE looking for an individual and/or a company who can DEVELOP and SECURE business for us in the AREAS OF INTEREST. Understand qualifications #1 and #2 as stated above.

If you are a local resident of your region and have contacts with companies that want to outsource these services to the Philippines, please send me your CV and I will schedule you for a Skype interview.

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