Job Description


To Fix a few issues on godaddy Hosting Panel

$10 for Job (Not negotiable)

Payment Upon Completion

We recently sent an email message to you regarding a problem with your ___________ hosting account. It appears that, although you did respond to this matter, these problems have not yet been corrected. As a result, your hosting account has been suspended. Please note that this will have disabled any websites on this hosting space, as well as access to your Hosting Control Center.

Your hosting account currently has an improperly configured directory structure. More specifically, the following exceeds the maximum 1,024 file/folder per directory count:

./html/cleopatrafashion/wp-content/themes/eStore/cache 10280
./html/cleopatrafashion/wp-content/uploads/2012/07 1070
./html/cleopatrafashion/wp-content/uploads/2012/08 1639

Exceeding this 1,024 file/folder limit can affect our hosting administrators' ability to efficiently back up your hosting account, and adversely impacts the performance of global maintenance operations. Improper directory configuration can also cause file system latency, which reduces the responsiveness of all files contained on this shared server. This affects not only your web site but all other customer web sites utilizing this service.

We understand that this improper configuration was most likely not intentional. However, we must respectfully request that you reduce your per-directory file/folder count to less than 1,024.


FTP access to your hosting space has remained available, in order for you to address this matter. When you have done so, please reply directly to this notification with the specific details of the steps you have taken and/or may intend to take to ensure a complete resolution. After we receive your reply, we will investigate your account to confirm that the situation has been corrected.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Our goal is to not only correct this issue, but to also ensure optimal performance of your own website(s) in our environment. We are here to help; should you have any questions, you may call us at 480-505-8871, or simply reply to this email message. We sincerely appreciate your business and your cooperation.


Also we would require you to create automated systems to avoid exceeding the maximum 1,024 file/folder per directory count: on . Also systems that would avoid any other godaddy limits , terms and violations.

So we would need


Skills: systems-programming

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