Gambling style game

Gambling style game


Job Description

Basically the site would be as follows.

Unregistered visitors :Browse the sight and see the current picks,streaks, and pick percentage of registered members and experts. They can read articles posted by the site and register themselves for free.

Registered visitors: Make picks on sporting events by category (against the point spreads and straight up), competing for monthly, weekly and season prizes. Possibly have a short profile. They would get email and text reminders for them to make their picks.

Amdinistrators: Write articles, compile expert polls, (update spreads if no program is availble to do this automatically).

In addition we would like to have a moblie application concurrent with the sites launch:

I would love to spend sometime talking about this with any individual or company. Please feel free to call Joe Decarlo at 602-214-4095

Skills: mobile-application-development