Game/Simulation Map Display Interface

Game/Simulation Map Display Interface

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

See as an example of what is trying to be replicated in the first project.

A follow-on project could be development of a full globe representation such as

Project 1 Summary (detailed design later):
* Mercator projection of any part of or the entire Earth
* Polar projection of any part of the Earth
* Ability to show any number of icons (ships, submarines, airplanes,...) on the map at specified latitude and longitude.
* Ability to click to select units
* Ability to smoothly zoom in and out
* Ability to show multi-waypoint paths for units
* Ability to show information about units such as speed
* Heading arrows for units
* Ability to show lat/lon of the mouse cursor
* Display lat/lon grid lines
* Implemented as a Lazarus component
* Target platforms: Windows XP or newer, OS X 10.7 or newer, and Linux. I can test OS X if it is not available to you.
* You may use the component and develop it further for use in your own projects but you may not open-source or distribute the source code to third parties.
* Me or my company may open-source or distribute the source code to third parties at a cost.

Please contact me and describe your interest and abilities in relation to this project. Also write about your interest in wargames as they are the reason for this project.