Gathering a database of clubs within countries


Job Description

A database is required for a sporting clubs within certain countries around the world.

What is needed is Contact details -
1. Name of Club
2. Location/Address (Town/City and State/Region)
3. Contact Email address
4. Phone number (preferably mobile phone - if possible)
4. Club Website

We will take several candidates and appoint them each 1 country initially. The candidate that does this most efficiently will then be appointed to conduct the rest of the research and data entry.

Successful applicants will be notified of the sporting code that is required and for which country they will be required to gather the database.

The total number of clubs is known and it is expected, at least 90% of these should be recovered. The details will be entered into a Microsoft excel spreadsheet.

* Correct information and attention to detail is vital. Information received will be checked. Must be in English.

(Certain positions will require employees to know Italian, Spanish, or French. Please notify in application)

Give me example how you do it.

Skills: research