Get started TODAY - 1.01 USD / HOUR - Long term! Hiring Today

Get started TODAY - 1.01 USD / HOUR - Long term! Hiring Today

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Job Description


today i want to hire about 10-15 people to work as VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE to my business.

You need be highly efficient, know how to work online and speak and write perfect english. Its important that you can offer services and skills that could be of value. In your application, explain in details what you will do in working 10 hours for some website. Think like an entrepreneur and give me specific explainations of what i would receive from you. Whatever skill set you can deliver to improve a website business.

If you consider yourself SMART and a QUICK-Starter, apply now.

1 ) Put the words " I am ready to be hired " at the top of your application
2 ) What are you REALLY good at?
3 ) I own a web agency - what kind of tasks could you be performing?
4 ) What do you know about SEO? Be specific!
5 ) How many hours are you available each day? Times in GMT?
6 ) How are you going to make sure that we have a great work relationship? ( At least 50 words )
7 ) How many words can you write per minute? Please do a test at and attach a screenshot to your application ( failure to do so --> decline ) - put the WPM at the top of your application.

8 ) I will visit ONE link from your application - what would you like to show me for 15 seconds that will prove the skills and experience you claim to have.

Please only apply with a hourly rate of 1.01 USD. Other hourly rates will be declined automatically.

If your attitude and work is great, i will increase after 2 weeks and offer you a full time job with us.

Good luck!

Skills: english, test

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