Ghostwrite 2 Real Estate/Finance Articles

Ghostwrite 2 Real Estate/Finance Articles


Job Description

SEEKING: Writer who is capable of exceptional work. Your articles should be strong enough to seamlessly place into leading publications. It is essential that you can articulate an overriding argument/point that is well-supported/illustrated.

TASK: Complete 2 real estate articles of 500-800 words. Our motivation is not so much word count as it is the ability to effectively articulate an idea. Whether that requires 450 or 1100 words is up to you.

Each article will encompass 2/3 source links each.


-Discuss 3/4 initiatives credit-starved individuals can take up to obtain housing.

-Discuss the impact unemployment rates have on housing trends. Make an argument on how current/past trends will impact 2013 and beyond.

-Examine housing price trends from 2012. How will these trends impact what is certain to come in 2013.


Send samples of RECENT work that would be sure to WOW an editor. We don't want good, we want exceptional. In consideration of both our times, be sure you are capable of producing A+ work and are able to demonstrate this.

BUDGET: $30. This task should take 2-3 hours (total) if you are a fluid writer. Be sure that you can complete this task (effectively) in a time that is efficient on your end.

Skills: finance, writing, academic-writing

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