Global Business Development Partner

Global Business Development Partner


Job Description

We are a Philippines-based provider of outsourcing services. We are looking for an individual or a corporation who we can partner up with to assist in our endeavor to expand our business in select key areas of interest: the US, Australia, Southeast Asia, Canada and Europe.

The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications:

1. A local resident in the area of interest;
2. Must have access or ready-contacts to corporations that are interested in outsourcing their services to the Philippines;
3. Proficient in written and spoken English;
4. Must be accessible via e-mail, Skype and mobile;
5. Flexible working hours;
6. Agreeable to a weekly meeting to discuss the progress of business;
7. Experienced in developing business through procurement of accounts and/or projects.

Outsourcing lowers the cost of business by taking advantage of the prevailing economies of scale. The Philippines presents a rich pool of highly skilled talent who are available under competitive rates. In the US, average wage rate is at US$23/hour but in the Philippines, the average wage rate in outsourcing is at US$2.50/hour. This discrepancy in wage rates guarantees immediate and significant cost savings without compromising cost. The Philippines has among the highest literacy rates in the world at 94%, American English is the primary medium of instruction and our history as a colony of the Dutch, Spanish, American and Japanese have created a melting pot of attitudes and values that make us a cultural fit in any region.

As our Global partner, we shall work together to develop the outsourcing market in your region. This venture will prove to be beneficial, economically viable and financially rewarding for all parties involved especially the client.

We are keenly interested in finding candidates whom we can build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial and progressive business relationship with.

We are looking for Business Partners. Not employees.

Prospective partners, please send me your career history for review. Once qualified, you shall be scheduled for a Skype interview.

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