Global Hires is looking for a Lead Technologist - Full-time and Long Term Opportunity


Job Description

Global Hires is one of the fastest growing companies in oDesk. We are currently searching for a Lead Technologist to be part of our growing team.

The Lead Technologist will be be the expert at all innovative technologies that drive our consumer product group. This individual will have the passion and technical capacity to look at the product from a user point of view and know themselves that the product is good enough that any consumer will be excited to use the product. This individual will drive and optimize the product’s ability to categorize in many ways.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to -

• Interpret, synthesize and analyze large amounts of data generated over social media activities and extracted from images.
• Pre-process the data and transform where necessary before feeding to machine learning algorithms for recommendations.
• Build metrics for performance comparison of various algorithms.
• Understand the business process in order to assign context to the data and come up with new machine learning models and algorithms.
• Work closely with algorithm engineers to get new algorithms built and tested.
• Lead a team of researchers to stay focused on high-value activities and deliver results.
• Build metrics to evaluate performance.
• Identify new research areas for researchers to work on and evaluate their work to be included in production systems.
• Come up with new, innovative and creative ideas.

The ideal candidate will have:

• Experience leading a team and delivering successful products in a fast paced iterative product environment.
• Hands on experience with MySQL and R, WEKA, Knime, Mahout or RapidMiner.
• Must love Math and Stats.
• Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or a related field preferred.

The selection process requires potential candidates to take a series of tests to measure their abilities. Potential candidates will be paid a fixed price of upon successful completion of tests.

This job requires 40 hours per week. Upon successful completion of tests and interviews with us, an offer will be made at a competitive rate, depending on experience.

Please be advised that we require the use of a WEBCAM all throughout the Screening Phase:
1. During Skype interviews
2. During Testing Phase via oDesk Team App Work Diary Monitoring
And once hired, the WEBCAM policy also applies to the first 90 days of work

Skills: research, science, mathematics