Good At Producing Sales? Partner With Us


Job Description

I'm the owner of an online business where we sell name brand Accessories (Lunatik, Spigen) mainly for iPhone's and Samsung Galaxy phone's.

We are looking for a marketer who's good at producing sales to come join the company and earn a share per sale.

You will be in charge of only producing sales and we have a couple of great options for you as payment.

1) Gain 50% of the profit from all sales (you will receive all the numbers for the cost of the items and fees and have an accurate number on profit margins to know your earnings per item sold.) Most items go from $7-$40+ in profit for the Accessories so if you manage to only make 10 sales a day that's at least $70 daily.

2) If you prefer to be more secure we understand this and are happy to provide you with an hourly pay.