Google Map API Real Estate Lead Application

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Job Description

I own a real estate company. I would like to develop an app that uses Google Maps to pinpoint locations I enter from a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is a list of addresses of expired, withdrawn, for sale by owner potential real estate clients.

The application is to allow my real estate agents to look on their tablet or mobile phone and visually see their location on the map and the surrounding "pin points" color coded on the map.

I.E. Red Pin = Expired Listing
Blue Pin = For Sale By Owner

Etc, Etc.

When they are within 5 miles of a pin, I would like an audible alert.

Need to have the ability to click/select the pin and make adjustments to the data. I.E. If pin #1 Was a For Sale By Owner and Bob my real estate agent goes by and talks to them, Bob could take that PIN out of the system so another agent does not go and try to talk to the same person. Bob needs to be able to enter notes about the conversation with the For Sale By Owner that can be displayed in the admin control panel.

Need to have some type of admin control panel that I can control the data that is in the system at all times.

I am not sure what something like this should costs, so please bid accordingly. I put $250 as a starting point.

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