Google Map display of Placemarks in an Area

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Work on a fun & exciting project with other top-notch developers! You'll be working with experienced engineers to build functionality for a large project. If you do well on this job, we'll be interested in a long-term relationship with continuous work.


This task extends the functionality of an auto-complete text input for Car Dealerships in the United States. After a dealership is selected via the autocomplete, a Google Map will be displayed, centered on the selected dealership, with a pin for the dealership, and pins for any other dealers within 15 miles.

Outline of tasks:

* given a selected dealer, fetch records via AJAX from a MySQL database that are within 15 miles, based on zip code
* geocode the address using Google on the server, and update the DB with Latitude & Longitude
* return the results to the client and add markers for each dealer to the map
* add event listener to each marker to display info bubble with Dealer name & address


* An initial voice conference will be held to review requirements, and then IM, voice, & email as needed
* A git repository will be provided on BitBucket
* this will provide a starting point for code
* details requirements & instructions will be provided in the README file
* Use of Skype or Google Talk (or equivalent) for IM & voice chat is required
* Excellent communication skills (required) & spoken English (preferred)

To Apply:

* complete the short (10 - 15 minutes) job application here:
* apply for the job on oDesk

Skills: english