Google Search Browser Automation

Google Search Browser Automation


Job Description

Need to develop a program that will do the following:

#1 - Allow Users to create account/profile within software to store– Name, email, City, State, Country, website, YouTube channel, YouTube/Google+ Account Login Details, Facebook Account Login details

#2 - Users will be adding YouTube Videos and Websites as well as keywords of where those websites and videos can be searched for on Google. The software will watch or visit them automatically by other users that also have the software installed on their own computers. Each user will be credited for every video or website they watch/visit that belongs to other user’s of the software. This will in turn give the viewer credits that can earn them views by other users.

#3 - The video or website details added by users will need to be searched for automatically on Google by our tool. This can be accomplished by collecting the keyword and url to search for on Google. Once the video/website is located by the software on Google it will click the video and allow it to play entirely or visit the website and navigate other pages and leave.

#4 Once the video has finished playing through the set time it will move to the next url or video on the list. Before moving on the next video, the software will:
"Thumb Up" the video on YouTube and post a comment
"Share" on Facebook with comment
"Share" on Google Plus with comment

These comments need to be created automatically from a combination of both a list of standard comments and the video title. Example "I really loved this video on [video title] "

#5 - Browser must always remain on top. While the videos are being searched for the user’s browser must be on top of all other items on screen. If the user chooses to minimize their browser to a smaller size yet keep it always on top of other browsers but in a small size.

#6 - We must not allow users to use VPN or anonymous proxy's when using tool.

Please let me know both how long you estimate this to take and an estimated budget to complete.

Thank You

Skills: .net, visual-basic