HIRING TODAY: Small project - Website with SMS integration features

HIRING TODAY: Small project - Website with SMS integration features


Job Description

Please ignore the budget and bid what you believe is fair.

This is an urgent project and we intend to hire within the next few hours.


* Yii framework expert
* Knowledge of how to send up to 50 SMS messages/day from a website (there might not even be a need for any SMS integration by using services that allow passing of a URL or sending out an email from the website to trigger the SMS. This is a good link to see how others may be doing it: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/432944/sms-from-web-application - we are just looking for the easiest and least costly way to do this)

We have engineers on our team that can do this, but they do not have the time and are working on other projects. Before being hired, you will be interviewed by our engineering manager to ensure you have IN-DEPTH knowledge on Yii, and to ensure you have had experience completing similar projects.

Project due date: 4/12 (Friday) at 12pm (California time; Pacific Standard Time).

Description: Please watch following video first, and then read PDF attachment after.


Keywords (please ignore): Textanywhere, dotgo, clickatell, sms web integration, Tropo, Plivo, Nexmo.

Skills: engineering, video, pdf

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