HTML 5/ CSS/ Responsive Design 35 Pages

HTML 5/ CSS/ Responsive Design 35 Pages


Job Description

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5 Star Odesk Provider > 250 Paid Contracts > $35,000 spent

We're looking for an experienced HTML5,CSS developer to convert 45 PSD into a fully responsive design using HTML5, CSS3.

Please only bid if you have example of fully responsive design you have built.

Please submit your price per page and the length of time to complete. The 45 psd are made up of 6 main pages with 39 subpages. So 7 templates are require in total so please take that into consideration.

Please also include one example of the best responsive code you have developed or sliced and the frameworks you use.

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Strong HTML5 background
2. Top 20% on oDESK HTML5 Test.
3. Exceptional attention to detail.
4. Previous HTML5 and responsive experience.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your background. List of html5, responsive sites you have built. These sides must be valid HTML5. Only provide links to sites you have fully developed and sites which clients can give references for.
2. You must include I want to change the world in the first lines of your bid.
3. You must have Skype.
4. You must have the desire to change the world.
5. You must be an independent contractor.

We are a 5 Star ODesk provider and we look for long term relationships and provide excellent feedback and references for our strategic partner (thats you!!)

Apply now and don't delay. The world needs changing.

Skills: design, management

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