HTML 5, CSS3 based solution for 3-d boxes


Job Description

We need a Html5 based solution where we will provide you the dimensions of 3-d boxes (through webservice) , and you have to lay them out, in most economical fashion. The user should be able to re-arrange them (without overlapping) and save its position into a DB (through webservice).

The user should be able to re-size the boxes on the fly, and its position will get saved too. And they should also be ale to add more parts into this layout. Users should be able to add more boxes on the fly. That will be, using a button, when they will click on that, my webservice will give the dimensions and html5 will add it

Saving and re-loading the saved position is needed too.

Backend: IIS (ASP.NET - Webservices). Its already developed and we will provide the details.