HTML, CSS, Javascript and Wordpress Expert Urgently Required

HTML, CSS, Javascript and Wordpress Expert Urgently Required


Job Description


I have recently purchased a responsive HTML template from themeforest, you can view it over here

So the task you will have to do is as follows

- I want to personalize this theme a lot so the first thing that has to be done is that someone must help me customize this. I would need to change the theme colors, the images, the links, the structure, the logo, the bg image and other such things. These changes will start today and by tomorrow, I want quite a few things changed.
- Once we have this perfected, you will be in charge of converting this new template to wordpress then. Finally when everything is ready, you will have to move this site from my server to the client's server.

I need someone who is
- really experience with html, css, html5, css3, php, mysql, javascript, jquery and wordpress
- someone who is creative, very fast and very good at what he does
- is detailed, this theme is responsive so any change made should not affect responsiveness
- is patient, because there will be changes from my side and the client side so be patient and carry out these changes
- is hardworking, dedicated and delivers on time
- show me a sample of 4-5 of their best work

- your first sentence should be I am a patient person
- then in not more than 5-10 sentences, tell me why I should hire you (tell me about yourself and your experience)
- give me 5,6 of your best work. If you give me 10 links and even 1 is not working or is not good, I will not consider hire you so only give me your best links.

If you do not obey any of the above rules, I will reject your application without reading a word.

I will provide 50$ for the front end template changes and 100$ to then convert the site to wordpress and transfer the site to another server. Make me your best offer.

If you do well, please look at my odesk history, you can see there will be lots of work for you in the near future.

I need the front end changes to be finished by next week and then I can give 5 days for wordpress conversion. This project must complete in 2 weeks.

Thank You.

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