HTML5/JQuery/ASP.NET MVC 4 Guru for As Partner


Job Description

we are looking for top-notch professional willing to join our development team
as FULL-TIME PARTNER, NO COMPANIES JUST individual freelancer (AGAIN not companies) who seek to become full PARTNER and later full-time employee in exciting ongoing cool meeting platform startup

proven experience in designing/developing Sophisticated rich HTML5 GUI, REAL-TIME ASP.NET MVC4/ MVVM platforms, including:

1. Strong front end HTML5/jquery/ MVC4 capabilities buliding sophisticated gui editor and runtime engine such or
using latest Comprehensive HTML5, JavaScript framework such as, Query ui, mootools, Kendo ui and more...

2. proven experience building RESTful ASP.NET MVC4 API or servicestack

3. AudioVideo streaming experience with latest WebRTC/WebSocket libraries such as, and HTML5 players,

4. must have experience in building high traffic web sites, Asynchronous multi thread sockets / HTTP handlers programming: including reverse Ajax (push technology) such as WebSocket
reference-, signarR,, nodejs, firebase and many more...

5. awesome HTML/CSS/JQuery skills to convert a set of PSD files into most accurate HTML/ CSS.

6. Developing cross-browser/cross-platform HTML/CSS3/JavaScript/json code, using lib such as for building live html widgets inside customer websites such as online chat system (olark, snapengage)

7. fast yet accurate coder, team player, and cool & fun personality to work with.

Skills: mvc, json