HTML5 consultant


Job Description

Established global internet property is looking for a HTML5 guru to help design pages and animated transitions in a virtual career fair platform.

In this project, you will be responsible for delivering roughly 2-3 design templates for 10 sections (pages) inside the career fair interface. This is like a main hall, the company stand, etc. You will also be responsible for developing smooth animated transitions between several of these sections.

Payment for this project will be phased, as the project will be broken down into 10-12 segments. Each of these segments will need to be collaborative, as we will attempt to make new developments functional from end-to-end.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in a small virtual team environment with rapid turnaround times. There will be several team members working in tandem in the US and UK, we will be using github as a shared repository and the underlying platform will be built in .Net (probably C#) so any exposure you have to that environment would be a plus.

Skills: design, .net