HUMANITARIAN issues... Can you write interesting articles, blog posts and updates??

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Job Description

This is a RE-POST with some added information!!
To those, who applied in the first round: I am still keeping your applications, however I would like to see if there is anyone else out there, who makes a better fit with the person I had in mind... sorry for not having chosen between you!


I need someone to be able to write articles and posts about humanitarian issues for my blog. Someone, who is knowledgeable!

I AM NOT INTERESTED in someone who says: 'Give me a subject, and I can write about anything' - if you are one of those persons, don't even bother to apply for this job!

In other words, you need to have (as minimum) INTEREST for HUMANITARIAN ISSUES or (even better) HUMANITARIAN EXPERIENCE; writing a fluent and interesting English; preferably having a higher education - but experience and interest counts higher than a diploma - and not the least, being flexible!

Flexible both in terms of how you work with me and the others who assist me, in terms of number of contributions you have to write, and finally flexible in terms of humanitarian subjects to be dealt with.

At this moment, there are following issues to be writing about: Mine Action; Humanitarian Leadership; Civil-Military Coordination; Food Security; Development, Emergency/Disaster - however, other subjects could also be possible.

AND THIS EXPLAINS why I don't want applications from people who are 'hungry' to 'write about anything'. These subjects require knowledge, proper research, systematic thinking and above all: Interest.

IF you possess these qualities and have the interest, I invite you to write back to me. My blog is a spare time project for me, so there are no actual budgets for running it. All is paid for by my pocket money. Therefore I also need to keep costs low and cannot afford to pay for you learning about these issues before you write about them.

However, if you find the area interesting and you want to practice some writing within this field, then please make me interested in hiring you! Show some genuine interest! Relate to yourself, your background and experiences (professional - work or studies - or volunteering experiences are equally accepted)!

I want to see original writing samples from you, if you apply. And please - don't leave a link to your oDesk profile page for me to find and see your writing sample... but attach the sample to your application.

If you are hired, I would like you to discuss content with me on skype. I will hire for a month of probation time. During that period, I'd like to see you writing different types of content - we will discuss in detail. Depending on the subject, the pieces you will write will have different length. However, long articles will be the most seldom! It is more likely that posts between 200 and 500 words will be the usual type of contribution.

As one task could be to make a 4-line resume of some news and another to write a blog post, it is difficult to set a price per piece of content reflecting the amount of work, research etc. Since I could imagine other tasks along the line (if you have the capacity), I do not want to set myself at a forever-fixed-rate at this point.

I could imagine (2-)5 pieces of content/week in a 4-week period. This is set at a fixed rate of 20$ for the entire test period (so min. 1$/piece). Thereafter, we'll evaluate the work, both in terms of scope, performance and quality.

If you ALSO are an all-round person who do not mind some more administrative tasks, there might be a possibility of expanding the employment and adding tasks as VA/PA, so you would both be writing and doing admin/coordination for me - I have other blogs on food and fashion (scarves/shawls/headgear and clothes for plus-sized women), other writers and IT responsible persons that need to be coordinated.

When you apply for this job, you must begin your application with the following: 'MIXIV 37' - if you fail to do this, you can be assured that your application will be deleted without being read. I want people who can perform and do, what they are instructed to do. And who can extract the important stuff from a longer article - that's why this description deliberately was made so long...and why the instruction for HOW to do your application is written down at the bottom - in this paragraph - just to see if you read this far.

Looking forward to seeing your application.


Jesper Frovin Jensen

ps. My current team members are from Philippines