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HW Review App


Job Description


I hope all is well. I have a simple app idea that I would like developed as a web program (accessed via the browser) and also on a separate iPad app.

There are two user groups to this application.

1. Teachers (will act like an admin)
2. Students (will act like users)

So the teach either uploads or takes a picture using the ipad camera to their library on the web or ipad app.

The students that are registered under that teacher can now view the file in their library.

The student can tap anywhere on the photo to add a note. While the student is looking at the photo the app tracks how long they have been looking at it.

The admin can see each student registered underneath them and how long they have viewed the photo and what notes they added.

That's it!

Please include past work that you have done.


Skills: ipad, application-design, mobile-application-development, web-services, internet-applications